Saturday, June 2, 2012

Good Days and Bad Days

Over the past few weeks I've run in a number of local races of varying distances. Some have been my best and some....not so good. One thing I learned the hard way is that I cannot run races two days in a row. The second day is always bad. One of my best was "Bobby's Run" which is an 8 mile race around Shenipsit Lake on the Rockville/Vernon line. Great weather and a great course. It was a mix of country roads and dirt roads winding around the lake. There were many hills with some of significant height. As I started I could tell it was going to be one of my best. Everything felt good! My mind entered a "zone" focused on maintaining a pace under 9/mile and the rest of the world was blanked out. After 5 miles I knew I had a fast pace going with plenty of gas in the tank. I finished at 1:09 with a pace of 8:37. Great for me and one of my best runs.

Bobby's Run finish. LtoR-Me, Bekkie Wright(organizer), Linda Bradley,Tracy Vroeginday
The next day I ran in the Newington Library 5k. Should have been a simple and easy race. It was not. Due to the fact I pushed so hard at Bobby's Run 24 hours earlier my legs were not ready. I pushed real hard and did "ok" by my standards but was a slow 25:16 at an 8:09pace. Not nearly my best. Lesson learned....don't run races two days in a row.
Newington Library 5k approaching the finish-25:16

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