Saturday, May 5, 2012

Long Run Today

Our normal "Brickyarders" run didn't happen today because Lee and Tracy were still laying low after their Ultra last week and Brent was off in preparation for his full marathon in Providence tomorrow. So I decided to head off into Bristol for a long run. Wasn't sure how far but was heading off. My knee felt good as I started which allowed me to keep a good sub-10min/mile pace. As time went on I felt real good realizing I could do a long fast run. I had no plan in place and wandered through the streets of Bristol on both sides of Route 6. I even went onto the track at Bristol Eastern for a loop and a pit stop at the port-o-potty. The air was thick with humidity and a bit cool. Not the best but also not the worst conditions for running. As I glided along the target distance was 12 miles. After 10 I had still not exceeded the 10/mile pace on any given mile which was great considering my sore knee. As I approached home after 11+ miles I thought..."might as well run 13". So I did. Overall did 13 miles in 2:04 at an average pace of 9:35. Really good for me at this time. The upcoming Iron Horse Half Marathon should be a good one.

Tonight I went to the pizza party for Lee that his wife Linda organized. Very nice with a mix of runners and family members. Lee is really enjoying all the celebrations of his 70th birthday and the runners exchanged stories of recent outings. Nice night out.

Tomorrow I should take the day off and rest the legs. I must do that more often. I'll spend the day finishing the patio.

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