Monday, February 27, 2012

Hyannis Half Marathon

Completed the Hyannis Half Marathon and regained some self confidence. Good race for me with a finish time of 2:00:41 which is a pace of 9:13. After a winter of injuries and sickness I needed a good test like this race. I was able to run well for most if it and complete it with my usual half marathon time. My recent knee pain/issues didn't bother me at all. Nice race and course with the neighborhood loop going out by the beaches. Around 4,000 runners in all.
Just before the finish line.
Tried to keep my pace around 9/mile which I did except for the last few. A little more effort could have resulted in a sub 2 hour run. But that's OK because I regained some lost confidence with this race. It was great having my family there especially our grandchildren. Now I can focus on te new race season and get back to where I was last fall.

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