Thursday, January 5, 2012

And they say I'm nuts......

This article popped up today about a man who ran 113 marathons in one year. If you do the math its about 1 every three days. What is even more amazing is he is 67 years old and still working. Read the article at this link.

I run a lot. People think I'm nuts but I enjoy it. Until this achilles injury I ran daily usually around 5 miles with occasional long runs on weekends. My leg is sore and I'm taking it easy right now. Do I miss it? Yes....Do I still intend to run the Hyannis Marathon in February? Yes.

Since the leg has not improved in a week I am evaluating each morning and skipping runs if necessary. I need to be whole again and able to run as I wish. The injury has caused me to run slower and more cautiously which is basically a waste of time. I need to be back to 100%. So...I'll give it as much rest as possible.

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