Friday, December 2, 2011

RSNA is over...Christmas can begin

The RSNA(Radiologic Society of North America) meeting is finally over. The annual trek to Chicago was a success and many new possibilities for our business were identified. This morning I woke up with a cold and slight laryngitis. One of the pitfalls of meeting and shaking hands with hundreds of people.
Our booth

Main hall at McCormick Place

Each year after the meeting I come home to finish decorations and setup the tree. We did that tonight. Meg and jason took a night off to go to the casino therefore we have Britton overnight for the first time. Aiden is here as well. All of us, Kate, Britton, Aiden, Chris and I had fun setting up the tree. Aiden actually managed to hang ornaments this year. It was great to share this tradition with the grand kids. I hope it remains in their memories. Britton was funny because he knows a few basic words but does not know how fragile ornaments are. He protested when pulled away from the tree but still had a good time.
After we setup the tree I took this picture(on left) of Chris and the boys. We are glad to be able to share these times, have some laughs, and hopefully teach them what families are all about. Next year we'll have our third with the addition of Adylin in January. But for 2011 its all about the boys.

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