Saturday, December 17, 2011

New York City-Annual Holiday Trip

Once again we traveled to New York City for some sightseeing and holiday fun. The first stop was the 9/11 Memorial to see the new waterfalls and the progress on the new buildings. Even though 10 years past that terrible day I am still moved when I think of the poor people in the towers and on all the planes who were unknowing victims of a very sick group of radical Muslims. This country must never forget and always be on guard so it cannot happen again.

Quite a dramatic memorial. It was a cold day and the trees had lost their leaves. It will be a beautiful yet somber place to visit in warmer weather. There are two huge waterfall/pools each at the site of the original two towers. They are the size and shape of the original North and South towers.
South Tower Waterfall. Chris, Katelyn,Aiden

It was a dramatic display and really hit home when you realize there were two towering structures ten years ago. In between the waterfalls was the actual museum which is still under construction. Inside you can see the famous steel frame left standing after the collapse. That will be the focal point because those beams are basically the signature image after the collapse. Security was high and we noted the large number of police and security roaming around the memorial. It was crowded with Americans and foreigners just observing, commenting, and remembering that terrible day.
The new towers are going up. I believe five in all. Tower #1, the highest, is completed up to the 90th floor. Impressive structure that will top off at 1776 feet and be the tallest building in America. It can be seen in the photos above in the background.

While in the city we ventured over to the American Museum of Natural History on the upper west side. Aiden had fun seeing dinosaurs and sitting through a Hayden Planetarium show. 
One of the dinosaurs at the museum.
In the evening we went down to Times Square. Aiden was amazed at the lights and large screens. The 2012 New Years Eve ball was in place and lit in preparation for the big night just two weeks away. The Naked Cowboy and many other street performers were there to entertain. Aiden loved it all.

Times Square
We all had a good time and saw many sites. Always good to get away and do something fun and educational. I'm sure we'll be back down to NYC soon.

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