Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Notes and Big Run

Christmas is basically over and its time to get back to a normal routine. We had a great Christmas with Kate and Aiden living here with us. Aiden had a ball waiting for Santa Claus and enjoying all the mystique around that tradition. During December Chris always played Christmas Carols in her car so Aiden learned many of the lyrics. When we drive around he is especially good at "The 12 Days of Christmas" but also can sing along with the Muppets and Polar Express. Fun to hear and it makes you feel good to listen in. Its great that he is really enjoying a stable life and even greater to see Katelyn enjoying her son as he grows. Christmas morning was typical with everyone over for a big breakfast and opening gifts. Chris and I cooked which everyone enjoyed.
The Big Breakfast-2011
The kids had fun playing with all the new treasures they received from Santa and us. A bit noisy but great to watch as proud grandparents.
Aiden and Britton attacking the stockings!
In the afternoon we all went to Pat & Dons for the family luncheon and party. We played games, ate a big late lunch, and generally enjoyed the day. By nighttime all were very tired and ready to kick back and relax.

On Christmas Eve day I planned a long run. My right lower leg was a little sore but figured I could still do my run. I needed a 20+ miler at this time as part of my training for the Hyannis Marathon in February. I planned my meals as if I were actually running the marathon. I started slow and made sure I kept the pace slower than my race pace. It felt good especially through 10 miles. I noticed when I did stop the lower leg pain was a bit worse. Something told me I was doing some harm. But I had to get back home so on I went. Running was good. No difficulties. I kept reciting words from the motivational videos I watched the night before. That made it easy when the running was getting tougher. In the end I did 21 miles at an average pace of 10:14. Really good. But later in the day my Achilles swelled up and the pain became worse. After some easy research it was apparent I had Achilles Tendinitis. Not good and my fear was that I was close to tearing the Achilles. Therefore I went into leg "shutdown" and did as much as possible to stop using/flexing my lower leg. Iced it and kept it elevated when possible. As I write this it is day 2 and now I have Ibuprofen, Vitamin E, and Lysine...all recommended to help recovery. Two days off is normal after a  long run but I have accepted the fact I will not run until completely healed. Days or weeks....whatever is needed because I can't afford to do more damage. I do feel it is getting better with less burning pain and the swelling seems a bit less. 
My run record for the long one.......

Thats all for now and hopefully I'll be able to run in 5 days for the January 1st Joe Vailonis Memorial 8 miles. 

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Will said...

thanks for the comment on my blog, mike. I prefer music too, but have been enjoying a book now and then. helps when I'm out for 4 hours or more!