Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Surprise Snow Storm of 2011

On October 29, 2011 we had snow.....not just any snow but a big, wet, blowing storm that wreaked havoc across Connecticut. It was a Saturday and we were having a family get together for Chris's parents. The predictions were bad but because often storms are way over blown I assumed it would be "no big thing". Boy was I wrong. It came fast and stuck to the trees like super glue. By 5pm things were already breaking.
Rt 6 in Bristol around 4PM.
Besides downed trees the roads were slick

Before the party ended around 8pm our maple in front had split and fallen into the road. As people left the final large branch fell as well. About 20" total snowfall.
The maple Meghan and I planted 20 years ago.
Throughout the night, without power, we listened to creaking trees and then falling trees. Scary time because as you listened to a large falling tree in the dark, you had no idea if it was heading for the house. In the morning the devastation was widespread. Our neighbors had much more damage than us. Our ornamental trees took the biggest hit.

Our neighbors driveway completely blocked.
We spent 9 days without real power but provided heat and lights with a generator. No cable or phone for 12 days. Regardless of the mess I went out running everyday. Surreal to run in complete darkness with the sound of generators everywhere.

Really awkward time for all. Today final cleanup is underway and the highway crew is picking up piles of branches. The town is back in business although a little messy.

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