Sunday, October 23, 2011

What next?

Its been a week since I finished the Hartford Marathon. Sunday and Monday were recovery days. Tuesday was my first time back on the street which turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I figured two miles because my legs would be weak or sore. I started the run at a slow pace and noticed my legs felt great. At the end of two I decided to do three....then four....then ended after five miles. My body and legs felt fantastic. On Wednesday my run was six miles and normal as I hadn't run a marathon just days before. In other words...I was back to normal. Since then I have run normal morning distances with a ten miler on Saturday. Feeling this good just raised my confidence way up so the search for new races began. My running club is sponsoring a 8K trail run in two weeks. I am already scheduled at the Burlington 5K road/trail run next Sunday.

After the Burlington race I need definitely scheduled races throughout the winter so I stay motivated. I will run the Hartford Marathon next year and will break four hours. Just have to train smarter and harder next summer.

Another "What's next" will be new shoes. I am using the Saucony minimalist shoes for basic road running but need a regular shoe that works well on trails. I'm researching that now. 

Did more "door-to-door" campaigning this weekend. Great to meet and speak with residents. Most are very happy with how the town runs. All republicans seem to have broad base support even with Democrats. Two more weeks until the election. Its been a busy fall but beats sitting around doing nothing.

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