Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Today's run is what I need on October 15th

Great run this morning. Just a good feeling 7.4 mile run that was random, unplanned, and surprisingly good. This was needed at a time of big stress in my life and the past few runs were not great. I actually started to worry about the marathon and how I would perform. But today was a pace that I expect and was doing in the past month. Not sure what made the difference so I will be re-tracing what I did and ate yesterday to find a clue.

Between the election, family stress, job stress, and just plain busy it will be a miracle if I can muster the energy and self confidence to have a four hour marathon. I must reach that goal after the time I put into training.

I'm officially a member of the Hartford Track Club. I want to get involved but this is not a good week. They hold many fun runs in the area so I should join them. 

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