Monday, October 3, 2011

"Occupy Wall Street" misguided.

This impromptu "world protest" is an odd distraction from real issues of the day like the economy, politics, and terrorism. I'm trying to understand what the goal is here. Misguided beliefs about what is good and bad for this country. Mostly young college students protesting against capitalism even though most are there because of capitalism. They have ipads, cell phones, college educations, etc. I'm sure the vast majority drive cars and use most forms of entertainment. If they were funded by their parents it was because of capitalism.

All the outrage is against large companies, banks, Wall Street, and wealthy Americans. They tout being the "99%" which represent the non-wealthy. Do they realize that the wealthy pay the majority of taxes to support the entitlement programs, public services, and national security? Do they realize that those taxes fund the majority of educational grants, scientific research, "green" programs, etc?

Its comical to watch the interviews. These protesters sound delusional, uninformed, or even high on something. They talk of starting small cities and governments within their protest camps. Huh? Now it appears the liberals that support President Obama are equating this to the Tea Party movement because its "protesting". There is no comparison in my view. The Tea Party incarnation was a reaction to larger government, a movement away from the principles set out by our founding fathers, and increased taxes being wasted. The Tea Party is not a major political party but people have come together to influence other Americans. They understand how our society and political process works. They are exercising their rights with peaceful protest and demonstrations. They are not blocking streets or businesses and they are coherent in the process. The Obama supporters should be cautious to claim the Occupy Wall Street movement is equal, because it has all the signs of burning out rapidly and actually developing a very negative image. If the Obama supporters claim ownership it will increase the disgust with the administration.

People in this country must stop attacking capitalism and instead embrace it. Capitalism is a reflection of a very free society and is the reason America remains the most successful country in history. Basically "don't bite the hand that feeds you".

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