Thursday, September 15, 2011

Running for Selectman begins this week

My two year term as a selectman for Burlington flew by. This week is sort of the start of the election season now that Tavern Day is over. Signs are being printed and starting to pop up around town. Meetings are underway, door-to-door visits are being planned and we are all fine tuning our talking points. I enjoyed serving the town and having a say on issues, planning, and celebrations. Taxes have been kept at a minimum while at the same time we accomplishing things like aquiring a new fire truck, pushed through the water line for businesses, repaired senior housing and the library, improved recreational facilities. When the details are reviewed its clear we improved the town.

As this election season begins we are already seeing the vandals attack only republican signage. Sad. But those vandals cannot change our record. Even though the labor union and a handful of others are trying to tarnish our accomplisments we are not concerned. The public sees that we had no real controversies.

The current state of the Obama administration will likely help our efforts. People are more in tune with issues, doing homework on the web, and making decisions on records not fluff. The fact that jobs are scarce, money tight, taxes are going up, and the world losing respect for the US after three years of President Obama will have people seeking new ways to govern with new people. Conservatives are working to bring back tried and true principles both fiscally and morally. Time for the country to make some tough but smart decisions and return us to the great society we once were.

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