Saturday, September 3, 2011

First 20 miler

Today I got the first long training run in before the marathon. I had been thinking of this one for a long time and just couldn't get it scheduled. I prepared for this by watching the diet, getting rest, and a different pre-run breakfast. Still experimenting so that I have a solid plan for the actual marathon in October.

Rested yesterday and cut back on the "sweets". Nothing in the evening except for some Cheerios. This morning I got up at 4am and immediately ate a banana with my one coffee. Recently I've noticed my runs were tougher and other running blogs mentioned bananas, etc pre-run. Just before leaving the house I downed about 12oz of water. A change this week was I didn't take my running belt and water bottle. The belt bothered me and I could stop for Gatorade on the run.

When the run began I had no idea where I was going. Might seem odd but I decided to play it by ear as I ran. In the end I made a big loop that touched five towns before heading home. Mostly flat and at 5:20am the traffic was light. Surprisingly I felt great most of the way. The last two miles were not pretty. I was running out of steam even though I downed a Gel at mile 13 and had drank plenty of fluids. And at 19.66 miles my right knee gave out and hurt. Almost dropped to the ground but I limped a while and worked through it. I have no idea what that was. As I got closer to home it was fine.
Had to take a shot of my Garmin since I feel its a big milestone in my training. Don't be fooled by the 8:30 pace. That was a quick run in that final .1 mile. Average pace overall was 9:34 during the 3h 12m run. I'm OK with that although I want to be closer to 9:00.

I can check off a significant training run that has given me confidence I can do a decent job with the full Hartford Marathon. Only 6 more weeks of training until the big day.

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