Saturday, July 9, 2011

Vacation time

I'm relaxing on the bed in our rented house in Orleans Mass. On vacation with our kids and grandchildren. Long day that started with a great 13.1 mile run through the hills in Burlington. Garmin map/info here. I decided to run the hills at 5am where it was very quiet and peaceful. No iPod. Just running and thinking. It was a great 2 hour of my better ones. After Chris and I packed up and headed out for Orleans. We had a nice dinner at Arnold's in Eastham and just sat around on the deck after enjoying a wonderful summer evening. Aiden and Britton were great entertainment. Chris and I are very happy our whole family will be here on vacation again. Just like two years ago.

Tomorrow I'll go for another run but not a long one. Maybe Monday I'll shoot for 8 miles. This week off will be a great training week.

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