Friday, June 3, 2011

Long Week that is finally over

What a week. A short one after the holiday but with many headaches. I started by driving to Philadelphia Monday night(a holiday) for a Tuesday morning meeting with Einstein Medical Center. We presented the plan for replacing the trauma room x-ray equipment. The medical staff was not happy to hear of a 3-4 week shut down. They finally understood the need for the badly needed upgrade. From there we went down to Temple University Hospital where our x-ray room installation was stalled due to problems. Some were electronic and one was because we installed the tube crane so that anyone walking in would hit the x-ray tube with the door. Not good and potentially costly to us. Easy human mistake that we need prevent in the future.
Wednesday I flew to Washington DC for the SIIM show. Two of my new salespeople lived in the area and could also attend. They met their colleagues and learned about our products. Very positive interaction between them and some customers they knew stopped by to find out what was new at Fuji. While there I found another tea store. Capital Teas. Nice selection of teas and I purchased some Dragonwell. Am I obsessed with green tea? Probably? But it's healthy.
Now I can kick back, relax, and spend time focusing on the half marathon this Sunday. Reading up on how best to prep for the race. Planning meals, finding best ways to rest my legs, and everything else needed to have a successful run. I had a good 6.2 mile run this morning.
Planning for a big race is worse that planning a vacation.
What I need for Sunday.....
-ID bands
-Carb Gels
-Nipguards(embarrassing but necessary)
-iPOD review for a proper music list
-Washed all my running shorts/shirts so I have options
-Meals must be planned
-Checking sites for race number pick up, rules,checking the maps for the route
-etc, etc, etc

After all that....I'm stocked up, feel good, and running with confidence....I think I'm ready.

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