Saturday, May 7, 2011

What's 1 mile?

Farmington Flats at sunrise

My long run today was one of the best I've done and is the longest to date.

15.8 miles at a 9:37 pace. 2:28:45 which for me is fantastic.

Initially I set out to do more than a half marathon as usual but as the run reached that point I felt good and kept going. At 14 miles, nearing my street, I decided what the heck "what's 1 more mile?". Funny how last year there were mornings where I wondered if completing a single mile was possible. Guess the training worked!

I tried a new route that was long enough and easy enough to test my abilities. The link to the map is here. My run took me through Burlington, Bristol, Plainville, and Farmington. This was the first time I ran through the Farmington Flats which looked dramatic early in the morning. The pictures were taken with my cell and I stopped running for about 30 seconds. No cars and no people with the sun and fog made for a surreal setting to run through. Great place to run as well with the wide path and long flat areas.

Overall I felt good with no major problems. Had some left thigh pain around 11 miles but it went away. After reading an article about Ryan Hall and his running technique I worked on my strides. (Video below)Trying to land my feet and lift my legs properly. It definitely feels better when running properly. During the run I consumed one 8 oz Gatorade, 12 oz of water, and one Gel. As I work towards the marathon I must determine what the best mix of fluids and carbs are to get me through the race.

I'm definitely taking Sunday off because I've pushed really hard lately. Need to rest the legs.

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