Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quality Time

Today was a day off from running so nothing to say about that. But we had fun tonight with an enjoyable night out with one of our grandsons. We took Aiden out to dinner at Chili's and then out for an ice cream cone. He was great. Well behaved and just making us laugh. At Chili's he could see the large flat screen TV that was showing a NASCAR race. Cars are his passion right now and he watched as they zoomed around the track. Then later the show switched to one about race crashes, general crash videos, etc. Made him laugh.

He had some macaroni and cheese with oranges and of course some chocolate milk. He really does well when out but had a few silly moments as any 3 year old should. The picture below was when he decided to wear a food basket as a hat. One an a million picture that I just happened to catch.

Not sure why he struck such a pose but it will make us laugh for years. Next was a trip to Dunfrey's Ice Cream. He picked his flavor and then sat nicely to enjoy the cone. Handled it like a pro but hit a snag when he accidentally poked a hole in the base of the cone. When I tried to help he decided to take a short cut and he bit off the base of the cone. That released a flood of melted ice cream on his hands then mine. Very sticky and messy. He learned a lesson on how to handle a cone with that move. But we all kept smiling and let him savor the treat.
The best part of this evening was when we got home and he wanted to hide to see if I could find him. We took that opportunity to teach him "hide and seek". He learned the basics and for a while we had fun finding each other. He laughed like never before.

All a good night and moments we will treasure. He's a good kid and we're lucky to have him around.

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