Friday, May 27, 2011

One week until the next half marathon

One week away from the Iron Horse Half Marathon. This one is a real test of my training and general condition. It will also be my way to determine the training needed before my marathon in the fall. There probably will be more races through the summer but this one will be my baseline. The New Bedford Half was my first and I came in a few seconds over 2 hours. My goal in the Iron Horse is to make it in 1h:50m. Shouldn't be a problem. But tomorrow will be my last long training run over 10 miles. If all works out I hope to do at least a 12 miler and maybe a full 13.1. Flat and along the river in Simsbury this course is perfect for me to set a PR of under 2 hours. Some of this course is actually the same as the 5K I ran last month. Plus this race is at 7:00am which is better for me since I train with only morning runs.

I am prepared with better gear. First I finally found the right pack for carrying music, keys, etc at Amphipod. This looks perfect for size and is soft for comfort. Doesn't look as bulky as others.
These products are carried by Fleet Feet in West Hartford. I went there for the first time and was pleasently surprised. All running and staffed by runners. Very busy place and when you see the products on display one understands why. Everything a runner could want. They even carry nipple protectors. Two weeks ago after a 12 miler my shirt had blood down the front. I guess I'm a real runner because my nipples were bleeding which I had read about but never experienced. They carry NipGuards.
Apparently they work well based on reviews. I'll find out on Saturday morning. I also bought a new set of ear phones that wrap on my ears. Should be more durable and wind resistant.

I've had some good runs this week even though its been warm and humid. The amount of perspiration is amazing. I'm drenched when finished each day. This week will be all work in preparation for the Iron Horse next Sunday.

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