Friday, April 1, 2011

Trying Too Hard To Be Green

People are trying way too hard to go green and they're making dumb moves without thinking through the impact. In New Jersey solar panels started appearing on lightpoles in various towns. Large ugly solar panels about 15 feet off the ground. Right infront of houses. According to this video story, each panel produces enough power for one(1) light bulb. Is it really worth the cost and visual impact for the small savings? If they only power a single light bulb do people understand the unattainable task of lighting towns and cities with panels?

There are also problems not related to power. First these can gather snow which would slide off onto sidewalks and people. Then they will be a gathering spot for bird nests. Obviously no thought wnet into this plan. In fact the towns are saying they were never consulted about the installations therefore no one had a say about the project. The really sad part is that the cost of these will be passed to consumers, who had no say, and jack up the monthly utility bills.

This is one of the streets in New Jersey. Would you like to be staring at these all day?

It's a great example how people rush to look like their doing something for the environment but do not consider the impact to surrounding landscapes or people.

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