Friday, April 22, 2011

Republicans Who Might Run in 2012

The Republicans have many people toying with the idea of running for president in 2012. Some have already committed. The news this week is that no one person stands out and polls indicate the general population can't really identify most. The good news in that is there are many who could become the best candidate and it allows for a healthy exchange of ideas between conservatives. Conservatism has many variations that will appeal to different factions within the party and conservatism is what this country needs. Just about all republicans agree the Obama administration policies and actions of the past two years are not good for the economy and the image of America on the world stage. Half way through his term yet Obama has not shown  real action or ideas that have proven results. Many of those ideas either come too late or have not been well thought out. Mid East policy and reactions to aggression are not effective and confuse our position on issues. Spending wildly and increasing the deficit while trying to stir up a class war by demonizing the rich shows a political motive for everything instead of real results that improve peoples lives.

Therefore, as in the 2010 congressional races, the Republicans have a chance to win the presidency back. The potential candidates are making themselves heard through appearances, blogs, Twitter, TV interviews, etc. TMI(too much information) for most and way too early. Charles Krauthammer in the Washington Post reviewed the candidates and offered his quick odds that each have to win. I like Krauthammer because he has a keen political mind and is usually on target with identifying facts that impact the issues of the day. In his review he basically says Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney have the best chance at winning the election. Based on their records and positions on issues I agree. Trump and Palin are entertaining and actually bring big issues to the forefront but the circus atmosphere that surrounds them will hold back many from voting for them. They should stay on message and be a lightening rod for criticism allowing for national debates without harming the key candidates. They will be motivating forces for the next two years. Newcomers like Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, and Nikki Haley look like very formidable candidates but need time to develop their names and reputations more fully. Their time will come in the future. For now the conservative options are clear and have a chance. I'm looking forward to this race which should be very entertaining.

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