Friday, March 18, 2011

Prepping for Sunday

OK...I'm psyched since I'm within two days of my first race since 1983. This half marathon has been a goal since I began running again last October. I've followed a well planned training schedule to get to long distances. Over the past few months the challenge of a 10+ mile run was met and now I run 10-13 miles comfortably and shorter runs almost daily. With that behind me I'm ready to "fine tune" my old body as best as I can.
I bought my first "gels" tonight. GU Energy gels. A fellow runner recommended I give them a try on long runs. He actually recommended Hammer gels but I couldn't find those.
Initially at the end of a long run my legs and body were drained. It came on fast after 11 miles. The "Wall"? Maybe or at least something similar. Last week I tried a Powerbar at my 1 hour point in the 2 hour run. As I passed the 10-11 mile mark I was OK. A little tied but fine to go on to 13.2 miles. Apparently it works. But the Powerbar was cumbersome to eat while running and maybe not the best choise of foods for that purpose. Not sure about the gels for my half marathon though. I might find them repulsive and kill the run. Therefore tomorrow I'll open at least one to get a taste and a technique down just in case there is a problem.

I'm also busy tonight working on a dedicated music playlist for the iPod that will motivate me. I've listened to hundreds of songs this winter when training so now I'll pick the best for the race.

Good or bad results...I'll be posting about my experiences by Monday morning.

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