Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Great day for a run...and rabbits

Finally had a great morning run. No rain and a decent temperature. I did 4.5 miles as usual and with little effort. One odd development is the sudden apppearance of....rabbits! I saw several this morning and some yesterday outside Boston. I haven't seen a rabbit since last year. Must be an Easter thing.
I remember when running 2 miles was a struggle and walking was the norm. Unless I develop a problem I don't see myself going back to walking. Hopefully I can continue this for years and stay healthy. The training for next week's New Bedford Half Marathon is going well. This week on my long run I will experiment with better hydration and consuming some carbs half way through a 12 miler to see if I have more energy near the end of the run. Based on some articles these changes in my run should result with more energy and allow me to keep a good pace until the end of the half marathon. My ultimate great result will be to be at or under 2 hours for the 13.1 miles. If I can achieve that my confidence will skyrocket as I start training for a fall marathon.

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