Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Expectations of A US President

Japan is a catastrophe, Lybian rebels are being slaughtered, the US economy is the major concern with where is our leader? US Presidents have shown to be true leaders at times when the future becomes questionable. We expect that. Regardless of political affiliation there are moments in history when ideology takes a back seat to when human lives are impacted. People and the press are noticing President Obama is aloof at best but basically a non-player. He not only is a non-player but is doing strange things such as addressing gun control and making a big deal out of picking basketball teams. No major speeches, press conferences, or statements. Words of wisdom are not being heard. His cabinet and staff  are no better. For instance, Hillary acknowledges there may be a need to establish a "no-fly" zone over Lybia but just can't decide. Indecisiveness like that, especially as a positive rebellion is beaten down, will no help gain respect around the world. It also is standing by as a positive change is stopped.

Does anyone in this administration realize what message is being received around the world? America looks weak and uncaring. Many criticized George Bush for hurting our image around the world. At least he was involved and responding as a leader should. He tried to take action or offer words to inspire. President Obama is missing opportunities to show the world he can lead, inspire, or comfort. He has always been challenged for never having managed a business or complex operation of any kind. Now is his chance to turn that around yet he is letting it slip away. At this point the jokes and commentary that paints him in the image of Nero as Rome burns are tough to deflect.

The country and the world needs a leader. It appears they will have to wait until 2012 for that leader to show up.

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