Saturday, March 19, 2011

9th Annual Shamrock Run

I needed a short run today since it was the day before the New Bedford Half. I was going to go out for a few miles but instead headed over to Bristol where they were holding the annual Shamrock Run. The main attraction is the 5 mile run midday but there was a 2 miler in the morning that is USATF certified and sanctioned. So to get in the crowd running spirit and have a test run for the old body I signed up. Glad I did because it gave me a chance to plan for the big race tomorrow. Where to start, how to navigate the early running crowd, handling the iPOD, etc.
Glad I have the Nike+ system because it was a big help to manage my pace. I started off like a rocket even though I tried to run slow. Nike+ kept me in check. Even though short it was exactly what I needed and was fun.

My time for the 2 miles was officially 17:11 (8:35pace) which is great for me. In my age group(50-59) I placed 13/30 and 166 overall of 472 runners. I'm good with that result.

Next stop...New Bedford.

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