Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rough run today

As I headed out for my weekly long run the weather looked great and I felt great. Temp was 38F and the sun was coming up with a little wind.....what could go wrong? As usual I began my run on a newly mapped out route which was much more open this week after warm temperatures melted much of the snow. After and 4 miles...still feeling good....the wind started to pick up. I hate running into strong winds but I was ready to tough it out. At about 6 miles it began to get dark, the wind became very strong, and a sudden snow squall hit. Anyone in the north who has experienced one of these knows how bad they can get. Blowing wind over 30 mph with large driving snowflakes in your face. The front of me was plastered with wet snow. But my inner voice was saying "keep tough....ignore it". I was feeling powerful( regardless how silly I looked with snow covering me)...and made past 8 miles. At 9 miles I hopped up on some grass with snow on it and my foot sunk above the ankle in mud. Not hurt but my relatively new Asics GT 2150s were black with mud. Still I was determined to keep running. Back on my pace I was heading to the 10 mile mark when I slipped on an ice patch and went down! Protected my face by using my arms to break the fall but my left knee hit hard. Tore my pants and cut my knee. Still determined I got up and started running again...wet, mud on my shoes, bleeding but determined. The wind was slowing down and the snow squall stopped. At 10 miles I couldn't concentrate and was frustrated so I stopped but was planning all week for 11 or 12 miles. Cold and in pain I was ticked off. But at least I got another long one completed.

I guess they all can't be great runs. Hopefully my next +10miler has a better result and a whole lot more enjoyable.

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