Sunday, February 27, 2011


Mihow....odd word but it is a blogger/site with great commentary and observations about daily life. On Twitter the Mihow tweets are great with frequent messages throughout most days. From kids to politics one can always expect an interesting opinion from Mihow. I stumbled across her blog today and there's plenty of content to choose from. I'll be spending some of this snowy Connecticut Sunday perusing through the topics. Mihow tweets and blog are great examples of how the social media should be used. Millions are participating with their own blogs, tweets, websites, etc but all to often messages are negative and accusatory. Anger permeates from many sites because of a need to make a point with extremism and outrageous comments. Mihow gets a point across with a sense of humor. One can relate to her everyday experiences because they mirror what goes on in most people's lives.

Keep up the good work Mihow......Twitter is open and live so I can catch the next gem.

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