Saturday, February 12, 2011

Major milestone today

Great workout today. I decided to make it a long one so I took a turn where normally I would head home and added almost two miles. This was my longest yet at 10.3 miles. Felt great and now ready for the half marathon in March. Now that I have achieved this the next few weeks will be to improve stamina and speed. I learned alot today. I concentrated on my technique of running. Keeping a steady pace with long straight strides as if I was floating along seemed to be the most efficient way to run. No strain to breath and almost effortlessly. If I vary the pace too much or run "sloppy" I get small twitches and pains. My focus on the goal is lost as well. This was a good learning run that provides info on how to run long without effort. When that voice in the Nike+ system told me I crossed the 10 mile mark it was like winning a race. Exciting and encouraging for future runs.

All in all....I'm ready to expand my running horizons.

The route I took is below. This is a great route with just the right amount of hills, wide open streets, etc.

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