Thursday, February 3, 2011

Like Running in Molasses

One day after an ice/snow storm...and two days after a large snow storm so I had to get out for a run. I figured no big deal just a bit slippery. Well I was not ready for running in frozen slush. Slippery, yes...but that was the least of my problems. My feet would sink in about an inch and then be tough to lift again. I ran very slow and with caution. Feet twisted, dodging cars, and noticing the air getting closer. As I proceeded to struggle on Jerome Ave my Nike+ was telling me I was running farther than usual. My pace was much improved from recent runs. I was thinking the device failing? I determined the frozen slush was making me run in shorter strides and faster. My pace improved accordingly. As fas as the actual distance of 2.4 miles...I was on target based on know landmarks.

Running today was tough but I enjoyed a tough workout. Worked up quite a sweat in 19f weather. I hope the snow melts a bit and the roads widen so I can really start marathon training for the fall.

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