Saturday, February 26, 2011

Half Marathon Prep--Great Run

12 miles today. Big accomplishment. The map below is the route from the run this morning. I ran for 2h 03 min. I now know I can run the half marathon. With a little more push I could have done the 13.1 miles today. By chance this route can be exactly a half marathon so I'll keep it as a routine run in the summer. Hard to imagine that by June/July this will be a "short run" once I start serious training for NYC.

I downloaded new running music from Ektoplazm. A running site recommended it. Free and allowed to copy to the iPod. This "Hysteria" group was great with techno music that is perfect for running.

I was very comfortable throughout the run with struggles on the big Steven's Street hill and when I was running out of control. What I mean by that is if I let my legs and arms flail randomly it becomes a chore to run. Great form with arms bent and steady running helps to keep me going for longer distances.

12 mile run

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