Sunday, February 13, 2011

George Bush Autobiography

I recently finished George Bush's autobiography, "Decision Points". Great book and very enlightening. He details the major events throughout his presidency especially those that made constant headlines and were controversial. There is some early childhood history and his progression through the political world leading up to him being elected president. I found it interesting that he backs up everything with facts and records not just his recollection. He clarifies many misconceptions about what really went on regardless of what we heard in the news. He does admit where he made mistakes and could have done better.
His unwavering love for the country and our founding fathers principles came through and most decisions were based on them or based on his strong religious beliefs. He cared about this country and ignored the liberal attacks on him. His beating alcoholism was also discussed and is actually the first chapter of the book. He didn't try to hide or gloss over anything.
Whether or not one liked GWB or his policies this would be a good book to understand why decisions were made and also facts surrounding them. Espcially dramatic was the behind the scenes meetings with Louisiana politicians in the buildup and aftermath of Katrina. Very different that what we all heard through our news outlets.
I have a new appreciation of GWB and the office of the president after reading this book.

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