Saturday, February 5, 2011

8.6 is progressing

Just finished a 8.6 mile run. Time=1:28:31 Personal best since starting last fall. It felt good to reach a new milestone. When I went out this morning I wasn't sure where I'd go or what distance. I decided to take a new route and headed into Farmington. As usual after 3 miles running was almost easy and effortless. My training my be paying off because I've never experienced such a feeling in the past. No concern of stopping. As I came to hills my pace stayed steady allowing me to sail up and down like running on a flat road. At about 5 miles my right knee was in pain which led to thoughts of "I'm too old". But as I continued I realized my pace was faster than normal and could be contributing to the pain. I was right. After slowing a bit the pain disappeared within a half mile. After 7 miles thoughts of stopping started. I fought the urge so much I think I was talking out loud to myself to keep going. As my Nike+ system told be I crossed 8 miles there was a sense of relief. I had reached a new personal best. Felt great.

I'm encouraged by today's run and overall progress. I might consider the New Bedfor half marathon in March with my brother--in-law. If I can do 10 miles by mid February that will indicate I can a half marathon.....I need to keep at it and I need the weather to cooperate for training.

My Runner's World map of the route is below.

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