Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rep Giffords Shooting

Arizona Congresswoman Giffords......
Another disturbed person has unleashed their fury on innocent people. U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and many bystanders have been shot. And for what? Apparently a person with a deranged mind who needed to act on strange beliefs. Too early to tell but the person caught and charged as the attacker has Myspace and Youtube postings indicating that their mind was in a different world than ours. Unfortunately its bound to happen in a free society and is the price we all risk to enjoy that freedom.

The blogosphere is out of control. Many posts are people offering condolences and prayer. But many political bloggers have taken advantage of this to promote their sick agendas. Bloggers have blamed "the left". "the right", "conservative radio", "Palin", "racists", and "illegal aliens". People need to calm down and think before they post. In three weeks if they re-read their posts they will be embarrassed.

I don't agree with liberals but will not use a tragedy to promote my beliefs. And to try to blame either side so early after the events is inappropriate because we don'tr know the motives and it fuels more anger. I hope the motives do come out soon and we all learn. Could this have been prevented? Is it possible to set a rule or policy in place for saftey after learning the facts? Maybe so....but now is the time all must keep a level head and not start throwing the blame around.

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