Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crazy Talk and using tragedy to advance an agenda

It's amazing to watch the frenzied left continue to try to blame Loughner's rampage of conservative talk or TV. More information comes out daily to demonstrate the shooter was a sick individual who needed professional help. In fact there is virtually no information indicating any political leanings at all.

Liberals pointing at Limbaugh, Hannity, Palin, etc need to examine their own. Many of the left have used very strong words and incendiary speech when criticizing Republicans and conservatives. The fact that news media has focused on blaming conservatives shows they want to score ratings points and please other Liberals more than be honest journalists. Americans can clearly see this and do not buy in to the rhetoric. In some ways this will backfire on liberals by showing their true colors. Rational Americans know that sane people don't kill others based on words from a talk show host or political figure. If they do there are far more serious psychological issues to be dealt with.

I hope the ugly blame game ends and people learn that it is important to identify those who need help....and get them the help before they act out. Jared Loughner was a time bomb waiting to explode and everyone stood by and watched.

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