Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another 7 mile run and building confidence

It was another cold(9F) run this morning. Ran the usual route around Burlington -Bristol with an actual run distance of 7 miles. Felt good. That makes three long runs in as many weeks. I'm confident I can run the New Bedford Half Marathon in March. If I can do 7 miles now I should be able to work up to 10 miles easily. I need to track my progress effectively. What I need is a GPS monitor for accurate tracking of my distances, pace, and times. Kind of pricey buit will look around for a deal. Sure would help the training efforts as I work towards the NYC Marathon in November.
The arrival of spring couldn't come too soon as running in the snow covered streets has become very difficult. The sidewalks are partially cleared or if plowed they have a layer of crusty snow. Running on them creates problems with slipping or twisting ankles. It also slows down my pace when dodging ice balls and snow ruts. Springtime will allow me to focus more on running technique and distance. The streets should become clearer in February when the sun gains strength and the days become longer. Until then I'm just continuing a routine where I do a 2-3 miler every other day and a long run on the weekend.
Note the photo on the right.....that's at the end of a run when the temp is in single digits. If you look closely there are ice crystals on my shoulders and hat. Underneath I'm sweating like crazy. Makes it more cold but still signs pof a good workout.

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